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City and County of Denver: 911 Dispatchers and Operators

911 Dispatchers and Operators have begun to organize around key issues. These hardworking heroes want to resolve staffing problems and forge new
relationships rooted in mutual respect and transparent 
communication. These issues culminated in a Fox 31 Denver News Report broadcasted on area
television. Watch now to see brave 911 workers and 
Council 76 Executive Director Cheryl Hutchinson stand up for emergency dispatchers and opperators
across the state of Colorado!



A strong delegation of AFSCME Colorado Locals attended
the 42nd International Convention, a five day AFSCME
assembly that addresses local, regional, and national issues. Locals 535 Denver Housing Authority, 1444 Commerce City Workers, 1335 Pueblo Social Services, 1712 City of Pueblo, and 2496 Pueblo County Housing and Human Services came #AFSCMESTRONG, and left with the promise to #NEVERQUIT. The convention addressed international AFSCME issues - including plans for continuing the trend of growing AFSCME membership, AFSCME International elections, and a brand new benefit allowing AFSCME members to get an associates degree online FOR FREE. Resolutions were made concerning international community issues as well, including the Flint Water Crisis and worker's rights in Puerto Rico. The upcoming election was a hot topic of conversation, with Secretary Hillary Clinton appearing as a keynote speaker on Wednesday, July 20th.

The best moment for many of us came on Wednesday, July 20th when we joined forces with Culinary Workers Local 226 and Bartenders Local 165 of Las Vegas to march on Trump Hotel in protest of their anti-union activities. More than 2,000 AFSCME delegates hit the streets in solidarity. Culinary Workers Local 226 and Bartenders Local 165 members who work at the Trump International Hotel won their union elections last December, and the National Labor Relations Board certified their victory in March. Yet, Trump International refused to begin contract negotiations, instead initiating an aggressive anti-union campaign replete with firings and intimidation of union supporters. Though several members experienced discomfort from the excessive heat, AFSCME delegates demonstrated that we won’t stop fighting for all workers’ rights. The next day, Trump Hotels agreed to two back pay settlements for two pro-union hotel workers. The fight isn't over, but union
workers #NEVERQUIT.

Lake County Intermediate School: Leadville, CO                                                                                                                                       
AFSCME never quits. We fight hard for our rights; we fight even harder to serve our communities. Council 76 members and staff take organizing beyond the workplace and into the community. In Spring of 2016, AFSCME Council 76 collected hundreds of books for school-children in Colorado. In Leadville,we passed out books to every student in 3rd-5th grade. Here is a personal thank you written by LCIS Principal Stephanie Gallegos:

"On behalf of all the students and staff at Lake County Intermediate School please accept our sincere thanks for the generous book donation you gave our students. It was such a wonderful and pleasent surprise. For many of our students this was the first time that they have ever received a book as a present.The excitement and smiles were abundant as they were passed out. LCIS is working hard this year to foster a love of reading and build reading skills so they can access harder and harder text, this gift directly supports our work."

There are still approximately 500 books left, and we aim to gift them to more students in Colorado. Next stop: Pueblo School District. We can't wait to meet the hardworking teachers, staff, and students of Pueblo schools

May 05, 2017
Dispatchers at Arvada Fire told their board members that they want collective bargaining! We hope to add 15 of these brave 911 operators to AFSCME this summer.
May 05, 2017

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